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Differentiated Discipline Where Teachers Teach Students Learn and Leaders Lead

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What We Offer

Our vision is to have positive connections intentionally created in every district, every school, and every classroom. These connections happen student-to-student, student-to-educator, and educator-to-student. A district, school, or classroom built on a foundation of positive connections experiences fewer behavioral disruptions, which results in more time for learning. We understand that behavioral disruptions will still occur. When they do, our goal is to avoid exclusionary consequences whenever possible. However, we understand that, occasionally, exclusionary consequences are warranted. Differentiated Discipline tools are designed to guide the individuals involved through a process to restore damaged connections and promptly return everyone to the primary learning environment.


Creating connections is the foundation of Differentiated Discipline. We utilize four strategies in building connections in the classroom:

  • Positive Interaction Experiences
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Whole Group Community Sharing
  • Social Contract Development


Differentiated Discipline’s approach to accountability uses a process that guides each individual involved to reflect on what happened. The focus is on:

  • Repairing Harm
  • Restoring Connections
  • Returning Individuals to the Primary Learning Environment. 


As with any process, implementation of Differentiated Discipline tools and strategies will affect outcomes. Therefore, we offer onsite coaching to guide educators in refining the use of Differentiated Discipline through

  • Modeling
  • Observation
  • Guidance

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Our Customer Journey

Customer Journey Infographic Step 1: Contact - Get in touch and begin your Differentiated Discipline journey. Step 2: Consult - An expert will consult with you to discuss your goals and determine how we can best assist you. Step 3: Create - The Differentiated Discipline team will create a professional learning experience based on your goals. Step 4: Connect - A Differentiated Discipline lead presenter and small group facilitators will deliver your professional learning experience. Step 5: Coach - We invite you to add a coaching package to guide your team through the implementation process. Step 6: Collaborate - Join our online community and collaborate with other educators.

Our Results

Our Results Infographic Fewer Disruptive Behaviors - When implemented with fidelity, our processes and strategies result in a decline in Tier 1 behaviors. More Learning Time - A reduction in the time spent dealing with disruptive behavior means more time for learning. Greater Student Engagement - Teachers who feel connected to their teachers, peers, and schools are more engaged in learning. Improved Attendance - Students and teachers who feel connected in the classroom want to be at school. Greater Teacher Retention - Teachers who feel connected to their students have more job satisfaction and tend to return. More Positive School-Home Interactions - Students who feel connected at school foster a positive attitude toward school when at home. Increased School Safety - Students and teachers with connections have a sense of belonging and mutual respect, which enhances overall school safety.

Why Choose Us


We know PreK-12 education. We taught general ed, special ed, and DAEP. We led campuses and special education and curriculum departments.


We have served at all levels of PreK-12 education, from paraprofessionals to assist. superintendents.


We wholeheartedly believe in the strategies and processes we provide.


We implemented our strategies and processes and experienced the benefits they offer.

Valued, Seen, and Heard Infographic We make students and teachers feel valued, seen, and heard.